Replace each of your legacy telephone lines with a 4G LTE device, and reduce your monthly phone bill by up to 30-60%.

The Wireless LTE came out to be the best Cost-effective alternative to expensive and obsolete legacy POTS Line services and equipment.

Challenges & Deadlines.

So FCC has given August 2022 deadline to migrate pots lines to alternative options like fiber or wireless. 

Verizon POTS lines, Century link POTS Lines, AT&T POTS lines migration is happening faster than other carriers but all of them want to get out of this business sooner or later.

Rates are also going up as carriers want to get out of POTS Line maintenance.

Carriers continue to retire copper lines across the US. Long time to repair.

POTS Transformation Service allows to completely replace all traditional phone lines for voice and data services that require an analog dial tone.

Main Beneficiaries:

  • Alarm, Fax, Elevators, Vending Machines, ATM Machines
  • SCADA, Fire Alarm, E Gates and E911 related services

Where to Start?

First, you need to talk with POTS LInes to 4G LTE Replacement Vendors to do an audit of your current POTS environment and figure out the number of lines and who is your current carrier.

It looks easy but once you start an audit you will be surprised to know that how many lines are not even in use and you are paying for them. Mainly the reason is that these lines were put so long ago and nobody wants to touch them other than carriers.

What to Expect From Vendor of your Choice?

Vendor Should Deliver Turn-key Deployment.

  • Vendors should be able to offer you Managed equipment.
  • professional installation is required as 66 Blocks need experienced Techs to figure out all the details of each line.
Verizon POTS Lines Migration Help


4G LTE Wireless Backup is Necessary.

  • Business continuity, even during network outages
  • Prequalification of LTE/5G coverage in your area
  • Access to all four major cellular providers

Will They Provide Ongoing Management?

  • You should look if the vendor has 24/7/365 NOC Monitoring & Support
  • Single Invoice for all lines
  • Over-the-air Firmware Updates
  • Break/Fix with emergency replacement

Ready to Make the Switch to VoIP?

Looking at Copper POTS Line’s pros and cons, it’s clear that, for most businesses, including Healthcare making the switch to 4G LTE POTS lines replacement makes sense. At Ring2Cloud, we’ve helped many businesses transition from their old phone line systems to Epik or Dataremote wireless POTS lines . If you’re ready to make the switch for your business, get in touch with our communication technology experts today!

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