Our Wireless POTS Replacement solution connects fire alarms, emergency systems, SCADA, Fax, Elevators, ATMs, POS Systems & Gates at your facilities.

4G LTE Cellular POTS Lines meet compliance requirements and advance your business towards digital transformation.

POTS line replacements are available for voice, fax, point of sales terminals, fire panels and elevator emergency lines.

A fully managed and monitored POTS/Analog lines replacement solution provides a digital alternative.

Managed & cloud-enabled solution that delivers superior reliability and performance.

Avg Saving of 30%  or more.

Verticals we serve:

  • Hospitals & Medical Practices.

  • Education Sector.

  • Manufacturing.

  • Construction.

  • Retail.


POTS Line over Cellular

Fire & Burglar alarm, Elevator, Fax, POS Terminal, ATMs, Business Internet Backup

E911, SCADA, Gates.

NFPA 72, UL 864, HIPPA, POS PCI Compliant Solution.

Fire Marshall Approved in all 50 States.

Why Ring2Cloud Partnership?

Ring2Cloud Technologies, a national leader in wireless POTS Replacement deployment and  Strategic Solutions Partner (SSP).

Landline costs have tripled or quadrupled in some places with future increases likely. With LTE you can save 30-60% and
your per-line costs won’t go up over time.

High reliability of the VZ 4G LTE network compared to the aging copper in the ground that in some places is over 100 years old
and susceptible to failure.

Complies with both National Fire Protection Association Rule 72 and Underwriters Laboratories rule 864 for what types of
services can connect to fire alarms. EPIK can connect to any fire alarm and pass fire marshal inspection anywhere in the
domestic U.S.

change incoming/outgoing calls and faxes, numbers assigned, user access, boxes and voice mails and operational status of
The POTS Box.

Send and accept orders, comply with HIPAA and other regulations with the EPIK box.

Keep your business moving and continue taking payments during an outage.

Reliable, self-contained connections for a cost-effective failover solution should your primary internet go down.

Enjoy 4G Internet failover for primary connection.

We can do a proof of concept which helps to maximize the customer’s experience and satisfaction and reduce overall installation cost and provide dedicated support for our clients.

  • Internet Backup

    4G LTE enterprise grade backup included.

  • Reduced Cost for POTS Lines.

    Control year over year rising cost of analog lines and consolidate all lines under one bill.

  • Battery Backup Included.

    Hours of service uptime in case of power outage

  • USA Based Customer Support.

    You will enjoy full monitoring and great customer service, Big Differentiator.

  • Experienced Team.

    This is not our first time and we have been in trenches many times for 15 plus years.

  • Professional Install.

    Nationwide experienced techs and we will do site visit for faster accurate installation.

what are pots lines?

FCC allowed carriers to discontinue all POTS lines and this is where experience comes as 66 Blocks are not easy to navigate.

Consult with us at no cost even just for informational purposes, we love to talk about POTS & Telecom transformation.