One of the biggest DDos denials of service attacks happened on which serves as a carrier for users and VoIP networks were down. is one of the biggest carriers for numbers, origination, and termination services.

How to Safeguard Yourself?

  • Many good VoIP providers have taken a proactive approach to terminate calls to another carrier.
  • Check with your vendor about what will happen and make a disaster recovery plan for it.
  • Moving numbers and inbound calls is not an easy job and you need a tier1 carrier for this.
  • Also, it depends on carrier-like bandwidth to release those numbers on time to make this work.

How Ring2Cloud Can help?

As Telecom consultants we can do an audit of your current voip services and offer you solid advisory about how you can mitigate these risks in the future for your business.

  • You get access to our solution engineers who can provide a framework for this kind of situation so your calls inbound and outbound keep working.
  • Also, you can get some good feedback if you want to integrate Microsoft Teams direct routing calling services integrated into your network using 3rd party PSTN services.
  • You also get access to all the Microsoft operator connects provider’s ecosystem.

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